Grille Guard
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Stop Poking Holes

Grille Guard Foil was invented to eliminate the fear of dirty grill gates in state parks, lakes, local parks as well as beaches and apartment complexes where the grills are shared at times by several hundred tenants.  The thought was to provide our customers with a heavy duty, non-stick foil with evenly distributed perforated holes that also allows for the smoke flavor to get to your food and ease clean-up after the BBQ. The health conscious fish and veggie consumer can also use the foil to grill without fear of their food falling through the grates. STOP POKING HOLES. Here's to worry-free, healthy, mouth watering grilling!!


Grille Guard is great for grilling Vegetables

You can steam veggies and seafood in the kitchen as well as strain pasta!!

Non-Stick and Heavy-Duty

 Verified reviews from Amazon:

*Very pleasantly surprised. Our outdoor grill enamel coating was chipping and a new grill grate was not
cheap. This stuff seems to work perfectly. It's a nice durable feeling product, food doesn't stick.....and
clean up is a breeze. I think this foil will become a permanent kitchen supply.
*Works as advertised. The packaging is not the best. Hard to pull out of the box but I am dealing with it.
Like the fact that I am pu3ng food on a clean surface.
*I love this product for grilling, especially fish, because it keeps the grill grates cleaner and I can throw it away when I am through! It allows the smoke to thoroughly penetrate the food that you are grilling.
*If you’re cooking fish fillets, shrimp, cut-up meats, etc. on the grill, this is the ticket. Spread it shiny side up, coat it with a little olive oil spray (doesn’t burn), and the grease drips through, flare-ups don’t reach the food, and when you’re done, wad it up with your barbecue tongs and trash it. Your grill stays relatively cleaner, nothing falls through, and you don’t have a metal basket or equivalent to try to clean. I buy these two rolls at a time now!
*This product is a "must" if you grill on your BBQ. I've used aluminum grill pans with holes and aluminum grill covers, but they are expensive and not as easy to clean up afterwards. This grilling foil is great because it's not as expensive as the grill covers, and provides a totally clean surface to grill on. It's so easy to just pull off the grill and throw away. It can cover the whole grill so you can grill a lot of food.
These Holes Are Loyal!!!
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