Stop Poking Holes





Grille Guard Solves Problems :  Many people across multiple demographics grill with aluminum foil on their grills both gas and charcoal.  The problem is that non-vented foil does not allow for the smoke to get through to your meat and foods without poking holes in the foil.  The self poked holes with forks has a high probability of tearing and loss of integrity. 

*Grille Guard solves the problem of messy grill grates and Less mess to clean up after your BBQ. Grille Guard allows you to now grill your veggies and seafood as well as fruit and all your meats on its non-stick, heavy-duty perforated aluminum foil. 

*You can also steam vegetables and shrimp on the stove-top as well as "Leave the grease beneath" when cooking bacon in the oven.  Lastly, you will be able to wrap hot sandwiches to prevent soggy bread. We are also testing wrapping fried foods (chicken and fish) to-go to prevent the crisp coating from losing its texture.




Go Green With Coconut Coal: Coconut Coal is 100% coconut-shells from Sri-Lanka. This premium charcoal burns hotter than wood with less of a carbon footprint. Its a Green Alternative to regular wood charcoal. The unique shape ensures easier lighting. The charcoal burns almost 3x longer than traditional wood charcoal. The charcoal burns hotter and cleaner with less ash and lower smoke content. 

*The Charcoal is great for searing steaks and burgers.  Coconut shell charcoal is a hit in all of Asia and Europe. With a world that has been steadily moving toward a green initiative,  our charcoal will eventually become the envy of the United States markets. Once you try Coconut Coal, you wont want to indulge in any other type of charcoal for your BBQ grilling affairs. will later come in shapes representing the sport of Football and Racing.